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Saycheezebooth is a portable digital ​photobooth that can be set up at any event. The design is optimized for easy setup & removal. People take a Picture & walk away with a Photo Print, Facebook upload in real time to share with friends on social media. Saycheezebooth is the Life of the Party!

So Popular

Everyone loves a chance for a photo, The Saycheezebooth is often the most popular attraction at an event, drawing people to come and have a go, and see what fun shots they can take.

So Much Fun

What drives most people to come and have a go with the Saycheezebooth? So Much Fun of course! At events and gatherings people are always looking for something to do that provides a great laugh and a lasting memory, Saycheezebooth is the Life of the Party!

No matter what the event, the Saycheezebooth is always on hand to entertain the people!

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    Miller Lite at SXSW in Austin Tx-Loved our Booth

About our Photo booth

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